The most important advantages of PreGa precision galvanizing at a glance

Adjustable layer thicknesses also possible under DIN 1461 specifications

Micro-rough surface for coating without sweeping

Resists forces: over 270 HV surface hardness

Ready-to-install components without post-processing

Markings remain legible: punched, embossed, lasered

High replicablility, constant quality, absolutely suitable for series production

PreGa precision galvanizing: the innovative hot-dip galvanizing for complex parts

We start where conventional hot-dip galvanizing reaches its limits: PreGa precision galvanizing is the innovative high-temperature piece galvanizing for complex components from 500 g to 800 kg. Individual corrosion protection - reliably replicable and ideal for series production.

Thanks to a special iron-zinc alloy phase formation and the low viscosity of the zinc melt at high temperature, we achieve particularly thin layer thicknesses with specific mechanical characteristic values and a long-lasting protective effect according to DIN EN ISO 14713-1. And for subsequent coatings - for example in the duplex system in combination with powder coating - PreGa precision galvanizing offers a very good adhesion primer.

This makes PreGa precision galvanizing the ideal economical alternative for all parts with special requirements and complex geometries where normal temperature galvanizing and centrifugal galvanizing reach their limits. Let our team of experts advise you!

Three boilers for new solutions

With three inductively heated boilers at our locations in Kreuztal (NRW) and Mook (NL), we offer new possibilities for hot-dip galvanizing of complex components. And with boiler dimensions of 4 m in length, 1 m in width and 2 m in depth, this is also possible for large components with weights from 500 g to a maximum of 800 kg - also in series production.

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These companies trust in PreGa

Many companies from a wide range of industries such as automotive, commercial vehicles, connecting, energy, rail, geotechnical or materials handling, mechanical engineering, outdoor furniture and scaffolding already rely on the special possibilities that PreGa precision galvanizing offers them. When will you be one of them?

PreGa precision galvanizing: the innovative hot-dip galvanizing for complex challenges

PreGa precision galvanizing opens up a whole world of possibilities for the precise hot-dip galvanizing of components for which you have not previously even considered galvanizing as a means of surface protection.

One example: The new Zugspitze cable car is breaking all records. After all, its steel construction support reaches a height of 127 metres. For the highly demanding corrosion protection of the threaded anchorages, PreGa precision galvanizing meets the highest corrosion protection requirements with minimised loss of strength. With high-precision components that ensure everything fits under difficult conditions.


You can rely 100 % on PreGa precision galvanizing, even in the series production process. With a high degree of replicability and constant quality standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461.

Watch the PreGa precision galvanizing process in the video here!

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Protection for
the next generation
Coatinc PreGa takes sustainability in the hot-dip galvanizing industry to a new level. Fossil fuel free in the core process. With a lead-free zinc bath. And comprehensive in-process recycling.

With modern filter systems, Coatinc PreGa undercuts the limit values of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control by up to 50 %.

By inductively heating our ceramic boilers with electricity as the energy source, we do not release any CO2 locally in the core process

At the Kreuztal site, we produce a part of the electricity required. And in Mook, 100 % of the electricity for the boiler comes from renewable sources.

PreGa – Member of The Coatinc Company

As part of The Coatinc Company, PreGa also builds on the knowledge, strength and innovative power of Germany's oldest family-owned company with 500 years of experience in steel processing. In this strong alliance, Coatinc PreGa is your one-stop shop for the entire galvanizing process: a partner that supplies all the processes, services and benefits you need for the successful completion of your projects from 22 locations worldwide

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